The One Essential Element For A Frasier Reboot(Besides Kelsey Grammer)

We actually LIKE the idea of a Frasier reboot! Keep in mind, Frasier was one of the most popular comedies of all time and won dozens of Emmys. The show ran on NBC for 11 seasons and wrapped in 2004. Kelsey Grammar, who played neurotic radio psychologist Frasier Crane, is THRILLED at the idea of bringing the show back. And it looks like his costars David Hyde Pierce (he played Frasier’s brother) Peri Gilpin (she played his radio show producer) and Jane Leeves, (she played the cute housekeeper) are thinking it over, but not yet signed on the dotted line. John Mahoney, who played Frasier’s dad, has passed away, as has Eddie the Jack Russsell Terrier. Hopefully a young relative of Eddie’s will assume the role. But most important – the brilliant WRITERS who made the show so special- will THEY return?

Photo: NBC

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