Meghan Markle: Who Needs Enemies When You Have Relatives Like This?

It’s bad enough that Meghan Markle had the UK tabloid press tearing her to pieces, but she also has two of her own family members earning money by saying negative things about her. The fact that the Royals courted the press but did NOTHING to stop papers from writing awful things about Meghan is shocking. It’s understandable that Meghan was hurt and disappointed. On top of that daily tabloid tirade, she had to endure nasty remarks by her own father and 16 years older half-sister. The half sister Samantha (who has reverted back to her original last name of Markle since Meghan married into the Royal family) admits she hasn’t seen Meghan in years and barely knows her, yet she can’t stop talking bad about her. As soon as Samantha realized she could make MONEY selling interviews, she become a talkative “expert” on Meghan’s character, and encouraged her father to do the same. Why journalists like Piers Morgan have been so cruel to Meghan is unthinkable- people who have worked with and known Meghan over the years have nothing but nice things to say about her. We hope she makes a wonderful life for herself in California. And THANK YOU, Oprah!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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