Tom Cruise As “jack Reacher” – Yeah, Size Matters

To no one’s surprise, Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher has been a box-office disappointment. The movie was based on a best selling book and fans of the novel complained loudly that Tom was the WRONG choice for the leading character, who was described as 6’5”, 250 lbs, – an ex-military cop vigilante who was a highly intimidating defender of justice. Producers should have listened to the fans, but egotistically insisted that Tom was the ideal choice and Hollywood didn’t have many hulking leading men anyway. All the shoe lifts and steroids in the world couldn’t make Tom Cruise intimidating. To be honest, it wasn’t all Tom’s fault – the story seemed absurdly repetitious – the hero got shot at least 500 times and ended up without a scratch. (Above, Jack Reacher puffs himself up while standing over a heap of guys he just beat up.)

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