Diana Ross’s Tantrum at La Scala: Handled Correctly?

What would YOU do? By now most of you have read about Diana Ross’s recent diva antics at La Scala in Beverly Hills. According to Page 6, Diana arrived early without a reservation to meet her daughter for lunch. The restaurant has a policy of NOT seating incomplete parties without a reservation. Ross asked to be seated right away and was denied, so she marched to a corner booth and sat down defiantly. Management informed her of their policy and said that if she cut the line and sat before her daughter arrived, she would NOT be served. She wouldn’t budge and when her daughter came they both made a big scene and stormed out of the restaurant. LaScala owner GiGi Leon defended his policy and said “We treat everyone the same, whether they’re famous or not.” (You’ve gotta love him for that.) Out of respect for the veteran diva, should he have asked the people in line to allow Miss Ross to cut ahead of them? Or was he right to maintain his fair policy? What would you have done? (Above, Diana got help at Bristol Farms)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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