Finance Ministry Set To Introduce Tax Bill

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The State Finance Minister, Madut Santino Deng Teng said the taxes would be imposed this year to allow government increase the budget allocation for service delivery.

“During these austerity measures, it has given us hard pressure that we have to implement these household taxes because it is very important to back up our budget. All in all, the policy we have in place is to tax people than we give services because we have many services,” he said.

He said that there are many unseen services like security which the government has to provide but cannot be easily noticed by the citizens like it happens with roads.

Madut said that his ministry is preparing a bill on household taxes to be later presented to the assembly for a review and be passed into law.

Members pointed out that if the tax bill which includes the house to house taxes is tabled within two weeks as a motion, then they would wish education and health to be improved across the state.

Daniel Akol Diing, the Chief Whip says the house will do more in scrutinizing the bill so that it goes to benefit the local population.

“The revenues and the taxes according to my knowledge until now are part of the state’s budget and the state budget through it we will deliver some services like education, health, and physical infrastructure I mean to say water and road. There is a poll tax which is actually every house, but this one is sub-chiefs, headmen based taxes. They are the ones to register their people the people they are responsible for, those who are able, who can pay taxes,” Akol said.

The MPs say security is one of the things they need the government to provide following the recent attacks at Kiir Adem by the Sudanese government which also lead to the displacement of civilians.

The assembly will prioritize the taxes bill for discussion as well as other important matters which arise such as incursions along the border. 

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