Dismissed Members Of Parliament Are Not Part Of Legislature: Speaker

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

We have been told of the six members of the parliament who were dismissed that they were reinstated, No! The answer is no because we did not receive any written communication from the state SPLM secretariat office about their reinstatement, therefore they are still not part of the state legislative assembly,” Manok said.

Achak Thiep, one of the dismissed members told the journalists immediately after the assembly dispersed that they were dismissed on 7 July 2012, since and have been moving between Juba and Aweil following the legal procedures on their terminations.

He said that they were issued with reinstatement letters from the national states council and Ministry of Justice in Juba where the copies were sent back here to governor, Assembly and SPLM state secretariat in Aweil on 6 November 2012.

Thiep also disclosed that the assembly paid them only half of their salaries without any explanation of whether the action was part of suspension or other deduction.

He urged the citizens to be calm in respect to their dismissal as they fight for their rights using the legal process.

Thiep urged the citizens and intellectuals to put aside their differences and unite.

The Northern Bahr el Ghazal state SPLM Branch  in July issued an administrative order dismissing six of its members from the State Legislative Assembly (SLA).

The letters dated July 2, 2012, carried the “unsigned signature” of Anne Itto, Deputy Secretary General of the country’s ruling SPLM.

Itto made no reference to specific rules or regulations in the constitution of the ruling party which had been violated to warrant the dismissals.

However, the order cited allegations of “disloyalty and underground coalition with other political parties against the interest of the party in the State Legislative Assembly.”

Among the members dismissed earlier were Kuac Wek Wol, Deng Deng Akuei, Hikma Ali Malek, Andrew Lual Buola and Vicky Nyanut Urach.

However, the members claimed that all those who have received letters of dismissal are members whose signatures endorsed the impeachment of the former state finance minister.

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