Bill Cosby guilty of abusing minor in civil case 1975

Bill Cosby

This article was last updated on June 22, 2022

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In a civil lawsuit, Bill Cosby was found guilty of assaulting a child.

Cosby was convicted of sexually abusing a juvenile in 1975 by a jury in California. This is a non-criminal case. After Judy Huth was harmed emotionally, she will receive half a million dollars in damages.

Huth and a buddy were invited to the Playboy Mansion at the time by the comedian, she said. At the time, she was 16 and he was 37. The jury decided that Cosby, now 84, compelled her to engage in sex acts.

He disputes it, and he didn’t show up in court to admit it. In a video that was played to the jury, he made a remark that he had previously made. Because Huth was underage at the time, Cosby claims, it is impossible that he would have had an inappropriate relationship with her.

Since 2014, the Cosby trial had been ongoing. According to Huth, her son was around the same age as her at the time of the abuse, which occurred in 2007. That, along with the fact that additional women were coming forward with allegations of abuse against Cosby, prompted her to file a complaint in the first place.

Eleven months ago, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court dropped sexual assault charges against Bill Cosby, allowing him to be freed from jail.

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