Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil Had One Too Many On A Delta Flight

It’s about time. At long last the appalling woman known as “Tan Mom,” Patricia Krentcil, has been locked up in detox! She became a loudmouth public figure when she was accused of putting her then five year old daughter into a New Jerseytanning bed. It turned out that Krentcil’s REAL problem is alcohol. This woman has been capitalizing on her fame by making a huge fool of herself doing public appearances and incoherent interviews and nobody stops her. She has FIVE children from the ages of 5 to 19 that she is humiliating and no doubt neglecting. Her so-called husband has remained silent and allowed the circus to continue. This weekend she was intoxicated on a Delta flight in Minneapolis and cops took her to detox. Hopefully, social services will check on her children.

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