Justin Bieber Behind Closed Doors

You‘d never guess by looking at Justin Bieber that the place where he lives is a pigpen. The singer always looks clean and presentable in public. But a source who visited his Calabasas mansion told Mike Walker at The Enquirer that the outside of his house is quite impressive, but the INSIDE is a NIGHTMARE- like a flophouse. The only furnished rooms are Justin’s bedroom and another small room. The rest of the house is filthy and littered with fast food wrappers, pizza boxes andpaper cups. Dirty clothes are strewn about and Justin’s “moochers’ have dirtycomforters and pillows on the floor where they sleep. His housekeepers can’t keep up with Justin’s loud and messy hangers-on. Maybe it’s time for mom Pattie to pay a visit.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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