Bristol Palin And Joan Rivers Living Together?

With no “Mr Selfridge” to look forward to on Sunday nights, we have to find other amusements. “Celebrity Wife Swap” can be surprisingly revealing and this weekBristol Palin and Melissa Rivers are trading places as single mothers. Bristol lives in small town Wasilla, Alaska with her sister Willow and her 4 year old sonTripp. Melissa lives in a Los Angeles mansion with her mother Joan Rivers and her son Cooper, 12. (Willow and Joan will stand in for the missing “husbands.”) How BRAVE is Bristol to move in with Joan, who has probably made hundreds ofSarah Palin jokes? (We recall Joan labeling Palin “a Nazi, stupid and crazy.”) It just shows how much these girls love doing reality shows. Definitely worth a look tonight on ABC.
Photo via: Fox News

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