Watch Out For Leah Remini: She’s A Woman Scorned!

Leah Remini has declared WAR on Scientology, and we LOVE her for it! Scino leader David Miscavige’s wife Shelly was a friend of Leah’s and hasn’t been seen for several years. Leah noticed and ASKED about her absence at Tom Cruise’s wedding. There were also rumors of Miscavige’s questionable behavior with his female assistant. Leah was immediately reprimanded and punished by the church for being nosy. It is possible that Shelly Miscavige angered the church and is being held in a prison camp or “behavioral modification facility” called “the hole.” It’s where people who question the church are held. Leah wants to know, and she filed a missing persons report for Shelly! First she announced she is writing a book about her Scientology days, and NOW Leah has the LAPD digging into their secrets! Leah seems to be the bravest and most outspoken of all the former celebrity Scientologists, and it just keeps getting better. David Miscavige may have met his match! Click HERE to take a look at Tony Ortega’s informative anti-Scientology website.

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