Calvin Klein’s Questionable Choices Come Back To Haunt Him

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Calvin Klein’s Questionable Choices Come Back To Haunt Him

Our brilliant colleague, Gawker contributor Michael Musto, posted a hilarious -and revealing- interview with John Luciano, who dated Calvin Klein’s boyfriend Nick Gruber after they split up. It’s titled “Calvin Klein’s Boyfriend is Straight and the Worst Lover I Ever Had!” Click HERE to read the whole thing. What Calvin and Nick don’t know is that Luciano has created a mini-series about his brief romance with Nick for YouTube. When they were a couple, Gruber and Luciano worked on a proposed reality series and now John is editing The Nick Gruber Project for YouTube, debuting next week. Calvin and Nick reconciled recently, but called it quits soon after. Will Calvin be able to resist watching the show? (Above, John Luciano feeds Nick at Magnolia Bakery)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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