Why Tom Cruise Was So Deeply Offended By This Cover

At first we wondered WHY Tom Cruise filed a 50 million dollar defamation lawsuit against Bauer Publishing magazines In Touch and Life & Style for implying he was neglecting his daughter Suri. Much worse things had been written about him intabloids (especially during his divorce from Katie) so why was he so offended by these silly stories? We think his Scientology buddies (who LOVE lawsuits) urged Tom to do this. They can’t do enough for their top celebrity member and they also have a bone to pick with the German company Bauer. As you may know, most Germans consider Scientology to be a cult and a threat to democracy. Tom Cruise’s blustering lawyer accused Bauer of having a “history of bigotry and hatred toward minority religious groups.” Looks like there are some politics involved here…

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