Kirstie Alley And Her Unrequited Love: John Travolta

It’s funny how fellow Scientologist Kirstie Alley is the only one alive who thinksJohn Travolta is not gay. Or SAYS she thinks that. When all those masseurs and airline personell started crawling out of the woodwork blabbing about their romantic liaisons with John, Kirstie was quick to call them all liars. She ought to know – Kirstie had a crush on John in 1989 and while promoting her new TV Land series (above) recently gushed to Howard Stern that he was “the greatest love of her life” although she resisted having an affair because she was married. Keep in mind, Scientologists are encouraged to LIE or do anything necessary to protect members of the church. If only Leah Remini would comment on this.

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