Will Tom Cruise And Brad Pitt Agree To Costar Again?

Tom Cruise has agreed to play car designer Carroll Shelby in the racing movie“Go Like Hell” – it’s the story of the competition between the Ford Motor Companyand Italian sports car designer Enzo Ferrari which peaked at the 1966 Le Mansrace. Brad expressed interest in the project before Tom signed on. Brad’s last acting experience with Tom was in 1994 when they costarred in Anne Rice’s“Interview With The Vampire” (photo above) and Brad described it as a “miserable experience” but not necessarily because of Tom. Brad was quoted at the time as saying he and Tom were “like North pole and South pole” (opposites) and that Tom was “always coming at you with a handshake.” We remember writing that Tom requested a box to stand on so he’d look as tall as Brad in their scenes together. Pairing them up again after all these years could be QUITE interesting…

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