Eastern Airlines Would Do Anything To Keep Their Male Passengers Happy

It’s funny at first, and then not so funny when you think about this Eastern Airlinesad from the 1960’s. Anyone who flew back then remembers what a pleasant experience it was- passengers dressed up and the planes were decorated in lush colors. There was more space, better food and shorter lines. In those days you MET interesting people on flights. This ad reminds one that stewardesses actually had frequent weigh-ins in order to keep their jobs. Imagine if MEN were held up to standards like these! Women have made progress since Eastern Airlines among many others, belittled them, but they still have a long way to go. At least half of the people in public office should be female. Vote accordingly.

Above, among the “losers” – a dead ringer for Ali MacGraw in the front row and the tallest one in the back is a Jean Shrimpton lookalike.

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