Lane Garrison And Kristen Stewart Have Something In Common

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Lane Garrison And Kristen Stewart Have Something In Common

“Prison Break” actor Lane Garrison’s comeback continues. (He played Buck in the Bonnie & Clyde TV mini-series) His movie with Kristen Stewart, “Camp X-Ray,” had a successful debut at Sundance. Kristen plays a small town girl who enlists in the army and finds herself assigned to Guantanamo Bay. She is surrounded by hostile Muslim prisoners and aggressive squad-mates, but develops an unlikely friendship with a longtime prisoner played by Payman Maadi. Lane plays a prison guard. There WAS speculation that Lane and the now-single Kristen were canoodling, but Lane says they simply shared a love of sports. He and Kristen grabbed their clubs and hit hundreds of golf balls between shots. (Above, director/writer Peter Sattler, Lane, Kristen, and Payman Maadi)

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