Kim Novak Wasn’t Ready For Her Close-up, But We Still Love Her

We felt so sorry for Kim Novak last night at the Oscars. We get the feeling she had none of the preparation and help that other stars get before appearing on a show like this. At 81, Kim no longer has a publicist, agent, stylist, or favorite makeup and hair people working with her. She’s on her own. The Academy should have assigned a team of people to dress Kim in something more feminine and light, and rehearse her comments. She sounded terrified (she’s always had stage fright) and looked like her beauty preparations were mostly facial surgery and injections. Why she was chosen to present Best Animation awards remains a mystery. Back in Kim’s day, the Studio did everything to make their stars look good – now celebrities needs a whole entourage to groom and prepare them. Kim didn’t have that. But we did love seeing her no matter how awkward her appearance was.

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