Jeremy Meeks Mug Shot: Women Can’t Help Being Turned On- It’s Evolution

Photo: WPTV
That mug shot of Stockton gang-banger Jeremy Meeks is not a fluke – other pictures of him (above) are just as flattering. Sandy Banks wrote about the Meeks mug shot phenomenon in the LA Times today. She had trouble understanding how Meeks’ soulful eyes, strong jaw, and pouty lips could spark such ardor among SO many women of all ages. Sandy consulted a psychology professor who pointed out that Meeks face is EXACTLY what turns women on – we’re hard-wired by evolution to perceive these features as handsome. Men have always put their main focus on physical attractiveness of females, now women are acknowledging that good looking men are more appealing to them! We’d love to see career criminal Jeremy profit from all this attention and turn his life around. Maybe Tom Ford will bail him out and turn him into a fashion model.

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