The Real Reason Why Kanye West Is Selling His Mcmansion

Photo: Kim’s Instagram – North’s first birthday
We were RIGHT! We predicted that Kanye West would want to get rid of the Bel Air mcmansion he’s been renovating for the past year because he has realized how vulgar and ostentatious it is, and fears his fancy French friends will be appalled. Kanye has been socializing with artists and designers in Europe and learned a few things about taste and style over the past year. He noticed that many people online were making fun of his gaudy 11 million dollar house in Bel Air and no matter how many expensive renovations he had done, it was still an architectural nightmare. Now he wants to unload it and he’s using the excuses that Kim is tired of waiting for it to be finished or Kim suddenly wants to live closer to her mother. The truth is he’s embarrassed by the monstrosity and wants OUT.

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