Despite being a feminist, we find ourselves oddly detached and somewhat unsympathetic about Erin Andrews’ 75 million dollar lawsuit against the Marriott Hotel where she was secretly filmed naked. Her stalker, Michael David Barrett, who did the filming, is now in jail. But the video is somewhere on the internet. Do we feel less sympathetic because Erin feels SO SORRY for herself? Her sobbing in the courtroom about how her life has been ruined, that she is a broken soul, and even her love life has been negatively affected, is off-putting. (Before the crime, we had never heard of Erin and her career has since blossomed.) We couldn’t help but think about countless women who are raped and brutalized and left for dead, but the criminal is NEVER caught and there is NO ONE to sue. Since we saw the courtroom “poor little me” histrionics we actually feel LESS sympathetic for this beautiful successful woman. Wallowing in self-pity is not pretty. The sole perpetrator has been caught and punished. Being embarrassed is not the same as being raped or mauled. Is there a greedy lawyer pushing her to do this? If she wins, we hope she will donate the money to women’s causes.
Photo: ABC

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