Will audience see Murder 3 with Emraan and Mallika?

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Looks like there is one ‘saalon purani dushmani’ coming to an end after all. Though Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat haven’t worked with each other since the days of Murder due to issues that have remained unsolved ever since then, the bitterness between the two seems to have been ceased. They may not be doing a film together yet but given their current relationship, it won’t be a surprise if they end up sharing screen space with each other soon. "Emraan doesn’t believe in carrying a grudge for long and though after Murder he chose to stay away from Mallika, he is not allowing his current professional decisions to be affected by his personal likes or dislikes", says a source close to Emraan who would be seen next in Murder 2, a film for which Mallika was once rumoured to be a hot contender. Popular belief is that when Bhatts suggested Mallika’s name for the film, Emraan put his foot down as he still remembered the publicity hogging tactics that she had indulged in during her Murder days. "None of that really happened in case of Murder 2, all of this is just hearsay. Emraan doesn’t get involved in casting decisions even if it comes to films from Bhatts who are his family. He has moved on from such insecurity; he has better things to worry about than his co-stars. Bhatts themselves felt that Jacqueline Fernandez was best suited for the part and hence Mallika was ignored", says an industry source. However, Mallika shouldn’t be concerned as Emraan is seemingly open to working with her. He may not have extended the olive branch yet but isn’t averse to pairing up with Mallika either. "As for casting, I can talk about myself. So yes, I was in Murder 2 from Day 1. Why is Mallika not there? Well, for that you would have to ask Bhatts", says Emraan when questioned if he had put his foot down when it came to casting decisions. When told that Mallika has been in touch with Bhatts again and whether he was fine with that, Emraan says in a casual tone, "I have no issues with Mallika." Now don’t be surprised if Bhatts indeed plan Murder 3 with Emraan and Mallika. Well, if at all it really happens, rest assured it would be one hot and happening project.
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