“No freedom of speech in India, it is a myth” – Arshad Warsi

Arshad Warsi in a hard hitting exclusive with Faridoon Shahryar laments at the sad state of affairs in India today where anyone can get away with causing bizarre things to gain publicity and law continues to remain a mute spectator.

Do you think making films now-a-days has become difficult with whatever has happened with Padmavati, aapne kuch dekh liya, aap release nahi kar sakte. Jolly LLB and now part 2 have faced issues. How safe can a filmmaker play to avoid trouble?
No, they are not safe because the real crux and issue is something else altogether. It’s really not the issue that we’re fighting and that has always been the case in everything. The real reason is always something else. Here also it’s not about Padmavati and Jolly mein kya hua tha, it’s always about let’s see how much mileage and money we can get out of this. Let’s see elections are coming up and most of the people don’t even know who I am toh chalo jaake Padmavati ka set todte hai; news mein aa jaayega. Let’s see aaj main kisi bade se filmmaker ya politician ko thappad maar deta hoon kal tak saara Hindustan mujhe jaan jaayega. Meri baat chhod dijiye, koi bhi aam aadmi road se uthke kisi bade aadmi ko joota ya thappad maar de; kal paper mein sab usko jaan ne lagenge. It’s that quick fix ke chalo jaldi se tarraki karte hai. These are the places where you need the law. Gareeb aadmi ko maarke aap thodi kanoon ko dikha sakte hai that you’re fair and just. Things like freedom of speech, woh toh hai hi nahi India mein, woh myth hai ek. It’s a sad case, I really wish aisa na ho and log aisa na kare. There’s nothing one can do about it, only thing one can do is plead, request, beg the law & government to please be stricter and please be nice to film industry people who’re paying you the taxes, working hard and doing their job.

I saw this ad of remonetize India where several actors are urging citizens to go cashless but after that if something happens on Padmavati and the actors ask for help on Twitter, they don’t even get a reply..
Saare kaam ke liye actors ko pakdo. Koi jawaab nahi milta.

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