Anil Kapoor suddenly takes off to US for charity event

Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor
Where on earth did Anil Kapoor suddenly disappear to?
This week there was much speculation about Anil’s acutely-conspicuous absence in Mumbai, leaving at least two important engagements in Mumbai cancelled and the hosts flabbergasted by the otherwise-particular commitment-conscious actor. According to sources, “This week Anil was supposed to be in Mumbai for two very important occasions.
Super-cop Isaque Bhagwan (whom Anil will portray in Sanjay Gupta’s Shootout At Wadala) had personally gone to Anil’s home to invite the star for his son’s wedding on Nov 25. Anil had assured him he would be there. Then there is Anil’s dear friend David Dhawan whose son Rohit keenly wanted Anil to be at the special screening of Desi Boyz on Thursday. Anil had categorically assured his presence at both the events. Both Isaque and David received calls from Anil with profuse apologies.”
Says a very close friend of Anil, “All he told us was that he had to leave for the U.S. suddenly. He didn’t tell any of us why. I’m presuming it is to fetch Tom Cruise for the Mission Impossible 4 premiere in Mumbai.” When I finally tracked down Anil in the U.S., he said, “Arrey nahin, no mystery at all. I had to leave suddenly because I was called for a charity event in LA for Pratham, the child literacy organization that I’m closely associated with. I thought that was more important than anything else. I am sure David and Isaque would understand. In fact I’ve assured Isaque I will visit his home to bless the couple the minute I land in Mumbai. As for David, he’s a dear friend. I’ve had great fun working with him. I am really eager to see his son’s Desi Boyz.”

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