Lara Dutta features on the cover of 150th issue of Elle magazine

A great philosopher once told his beloved, ‘I love you not because you are beautiful. You are beautiful, because I love you.’ That seems to be most likely the case in the 150th issue of Elle. The magazine and Lara Dutta complement each other so very well, that it’s totally impossible to say that who is mirroring whose grace and poise. Needless to say, the 150th issue is really something to treasure about. In cliche words, one can call it as the ‘Collector’s Item’. This issue has Lara Dutta, ‘The Mistress Of the Universe’ (as the magazine calls her), who is shuffling her time between writing, meditating, horse riding, fashion… and yes…Bollywood, the place which will look like a vacuum without her presence! This issue has the gorgeous Lara getting into a nostalgic mode as she says, “As a child, my dream was to wear beautiful clothes with lots of make up and get photographed, which is more of a model thing than an actress”. She also goes on to confess that when she was in class 7, she was merely 5 feet 1 inch in height. In just two years, she ‘shot’ upto a towering 5 feet 8 inches! All this and mush, mush more….we mean…much, much more…only in this latest edition of Elle…truly an ‘Elle-gant’ issue by all means!

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