Panorama Studios to produce a biopic based on the bestseller, Miles to Run before I Sleep

After the phenomenal success of Raid, father-son producer Kumar Mangat and Abhishek Pathak of Panorama Studios have acquired the rights of the best seller on Amazon India, ‘Miles to Run before I Sleep.’

The book is written by Sumedha Mahajan and is a true story of herself, a married, working woman who undertook an extraordinary journey of running 1500 kms in 30 days from Delhi to Mumbai

Abhishek Pathak, producer and MD at Panorama Studios, says, “Sumedha Mahajan’s inspiring story just goes to show that if one has a strong will nothing is impossible. Before even reading the book, when she narrated her journey, we were spellbound and after reading the book and the manner in which she went about overcoming a chronic asthma condition, fighting all odds and emerging a winner, is truly extraordinary.”

Sumedha Mahajan’s says, “I’m thankful and glad that Mr. Kumar Mangat and Mr. Abhishek are telling my story. This is my journey as an ordinary Indian woman, born with asthma, overcoming the physical, mental and societal odds to run 1500 kms in 30 days. I hope my story inspires and reinforces that with self-belief and determination you can accomplish the impossible.”

Panorama Studios is now in talks with leading A-list actresses to step into Sumedha’s shoes.

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