Sunny Leone gets shy doing intimate scenes with Randeep Hooda

This article was last updated on May 21, 2022

Colombo: Sunny Leone, the supremely famed adult film star of international stature, has found much difficulty in doing the steamy scenes with co-star Randeep Hooda for the shooting of the film ‘Jism 2’. She appeared super shy doing the intimate scenes and this raised the eyebrows of the unit members and all out there.

The film’s next schedule is being filmed in Sri Lanka where the intimate scenes were being filmed between Sunny Leone and Randeep Hooda. But Sunny felt much shyness doing so. Mahesh Bhatt told the media over telephone that he knew that this would happen and she would feel shy doing the intimate scenes. He uttered that since she was an adult film star, it did not mean that she had lost her feminine quality of getting shy or blushing. Bhatt added that while we were shooting the lovemaking scenes with Randeep Hooda, Leone was finding it utterly difficult to get steamy with Hooda. She was not comfortable at all. Mahesh Bhatt is the producer of the film which is being directed by her daughter Pooja Bhatt.

Mahesh told further in Hindi ‘Jo Nazar Aata Hai Woh Aksar Hota Nahi Hai’. Bhatt kept on saying ‘all soldiers are not courageous’, ‘all holy men do not happen to be holly’ just like that all adult movie stars are not bold. The same is the case with Sunny who is not that bold as it seems.

Seeing her getting shy, the entire unit member got surprised at her shyness. Mahesh unzipped that he was not surprised at all since he understood that she would be uncomfortable doing the intimate scenes. Mahesh Bhatt has also dashed off the screenplay of the movie.

Leone’s character in the movie is Izna who is a seductress. The entire world knows her being an adult movie star and this makes her tensed as to how the people would accept her as an actress once the movie releases.

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