Evelyn Sharma gets Cornflake!

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Bollywood newbie Evelyn Sharma has been termed a fashionista my many in the industry. But then, what’s a fashionista if one does not have a branded bag, a splashy dress, a Barbie doll face and cute puppy in tow!

Think of it, Evelyn’s got quite a few of these right at her first go. She got branded bags! She got splashy dresses! She got a Barbie doll face! And now she got Cornflake!

Cornflake? Did we say Cornflake? Yeah, you heard it right! That’s what Evelyn’s new brown mini poodle is called. What!?! Really? Yeah, really! But why? Because it’s a brown puppy! Has flakey looking hair! Is little! And crispy… oops… we mean, cuddly! And looks like cornflakes!

Ok, but why not Cornflakes? Why just Cornflake? Evelyn has a very logical answer to that! “But he’s just a little one. Only one little flake. A cornflake,” she cheekily quips. Woof… we mean… uff!

“Wonder if celebrities would now call their puppies Popcorn, Biscuits, Chocolate, Coffeepup etc etc etc,” jokes Evelyn’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar. We think he too wants his share of being ‘corny’! Rotfl!

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