Mathira Turns Copycat Singer With Debut Song Jadugar

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The flagrant Mathira has now tried on her vocal cords in her debut music video “Jadugar”, which contains nothing more than her lewd dancing, with its music copied from the song ‘My Passion’ of Romanian dance-pop band, Akcent.

Just alike the drama queen Veena Malik, Mathiraleaves no stone unturned to get publicity. She got fame for being a raunchy show host on Vibe TV and then for posing semi nude in photographs. She got more popularity by stripping off her top at fashion runway ofFashion Pakistan Week 3.

Recently, Mathira has created her sensational debut music video “Jadugar” that is a track full of all international video spices. The way she is shaking her booty, using lustful face expressions craves nothing else than vulgarity. Mathira music video song “Jadugar” is a Blue Notes Production, produced by Sameer AhmedFarrukh Sheikh is the director; Farhan Golden did the direction of photography whereas Zain Khan and Farhan Nizami did the editing.

Unfortunately, the charisma of Mathira in her “Jadugar” video song, has failed to draw any praises but bundles of funny and furious remarks.

The originality matters Mathira, you cannot do so by being just copycat singer.

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