Sachiin Joshi tries to break Dahi Handi; almost breaks head instead!

Sachiin Joshis Ouch moment

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Sachiin Joshis Ouch moment‘Oops!’ That might be how Aazaan star Sachiin Joshi might have reacted this week, when he tried to do a stunt for his forthcoming movie Mumbai Mirror where he plays a tough but quirky cop.

During a song picturisation, against the wishes of his unit, Sachiin refused to use a body double for a shot where his character had to break a Dahi Handi with his head in a fit of frenzy.

It was an energetic Govinda song with vigorous dancing, amidst 200 dancers, 250 Dahi Handi professionals and 500-strong crowd.

The mukhda went, “Poster phatega, toh hero hi niklega, mathey se phodega handi… Govinda aala re aala re, Govinda.” But our hero got so carried away in the passion of the shoot that while dancing with abandon he banged his head on the Handi real hard. But alas! It did not break. Instead Sachiin’s forehead started bleeding. Oh oh!

Confirming the incident, the actor’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar admitted, “Yes, Sachiin did get injured a bit. But even after the accident, he was sporting enough to carry on with the shoot, of course after a bit of first aid and medication.”

We checked on this with our khabri and realized Sachiin really hadn’t learnt his lesson! Our source informed us, he did continue to finally ‘break’ the Dahi Handi with his head in one of the retakes, even as the renowned choreographer Chinni Prakash looked at him in awe, admiring the young gun’s zest and determination.

What can we say about Sachiin’s dabangg attitude but ‘Kamaal karte ho Sachiinji’!

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