Bollywood Stars & Their Huge Hollywood Crushes in Real Life

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022


Bollywood stars not openly talk about their relationships with their with co-stars and anybody else. But they comfortably reveal their Crushes from Hollywood. This list is going to surprise you but eventually entertain you respectively. Here is a list of Bollywood stars who have a huge crush on Hollywood celebrities. It is based on the public statements given by the celebrities.


Rani Mukerji have a crush on Brad Pitt:


Aditya has submitted a case of divorce from his first wife and we might have an epic Bollywood wedding in store for us by next year. The Actress Rani and the film maker Aditya are eventually going to be married but she didn’t likes to talk much about her relation. Although when she was asked about her favorite Hollywood Actor she admit her crush on Brad Pitt.



Preity Zinta have a crush on Tom Cruise:


Where Millions of women worldwide can do anything to have a date with Tom Cruisehe Hollywood Hotie. SHe was just more than happy when she met her for the first time in the party of Anil Kapoor.



Bipasha Basu have a crush on Josh Hartnett:
The Bong bombshell finds her Singularity co-star extremely handsome. She had a crush on him but had to get over her girly silliness to shoot the intense movie. She was even linked with him around that time.



Saif Ali Khan have a crush on Raquel Welch:


He is a marries second time now, happily married you can say but he has a huge crush on Raquel Welch. Well, the women is 72 but she is a prime sex symbol of her times.



Kareena Kapoor have a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio:
Karina is married, she has broken many hearts. When it was asked about the man of her dreams then she openly said she could cheat on her boyfriend with Leonardo DiCaprio, the Titanic’s Actor and famous film producer.



Shah Rukh Khan has a crush on Angelina Jolie:


Well, people says that Angelina can seduce the most nerdiest man of the world with her eyes and beautiful lips. On the other hand Kind Khan knows it very well that how to attract women. He has a crush on Angelina after there meeting at Golden Globes.



Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra have a crush on Robert Pattinson
Katrina has never admitted her relation with Salman Khan but when she was asked about her favorite Hollywood star then she openly spoke about her crush on Twilight Star Robert Pattinson. Priyanka and Katrina has the only thing common and this their crush on twilight actor.



Ranbir Kapoor have a crush on Jessica Biel and Halle Berry:
Ranbir could be called the playboy of Bollywood. Where he was in relationship with some of the most hottest Bollywood actresses, he admits his crush on the perfect body hotties of the Hollywood including Halle Bery and Jessica Biel. But unfortunately both of them are getting married soon.


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