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Malala Yousafzai

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Malala YousafzaiRiwayat have been actively looking for a charity to support in the upcoming PFW3 (17-18th November) and are delighted to announce that this year all funds raised through the charity raffle will be donated to The Malala Trust, which has been set up by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, where Malala is currently receiving ongoing treatment.

The Taliban attack on Malala Yousafzia, when they shot the 14 year activist in the head, whilst she returned from school in the Swat Valley area of Pakistan last month, has lead to media frenzy. The world has taken to defend the young Pakistani and her and indeed every girl and boy’s right to be educated.

The story has unfolded on news channels and chat shows around the globe with experts analysts, journalists and politicians debating on anti Taliban sentiments, how this could have happened and what it means for Pakistan and its place in the international community. The media hype has been ongoing as Malala was transported to a hospital in Birmingham for further treatment and security.

For many in Pakistan the brave young Malala had become a symbol of hope, a symbol of opportunity an example who was leading the way not just for young girls in Pakistan but through her blog, she was able to reach out to all societies and share her struggle and defend her right to education and equality. Tragically she is now fighting to survive in a Birmingham hospital, but her cause is gaining momentum as well as some high profile supporters who admire and respect Malala’s courage and strength and recognize this may just be a turning point for the nation of Pakistan.

Supporting Riwayat in their efforts to raise money for Malala are renowned designers Umar Sayyad, Rana Noman and ZainabChottani who each have donated a dress from their latest collection to be used as prizes in the raffle draw. There will be a raffle draw at the end of each show, which all participating members of the audience will have a chance of not only winning  a bespoke piece but also supporting the cause of Malala Yousafzia.

Riwayat believes in a better Pakistan and by including this charitable cause in our show this year we hope to raise the profile of not only Malala’s struggle but the struggle that each young girl faces in Pakistan. By highlighting their struggle and raising funds and awareness we can contribute to what hopefully will lead to a better Pakistan.

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