Nitesh Pandey on his show Indiawaali Maa, “You’re never too old to need your mother”

Actor Nitesh Pandey has entertained us with multiple roles in both the film and television industry. The actor is known to have played some iconic roles and is all set to return on television in a new avatar with Indiawaali Maa. He will be seen playing the role of Hasmukh on the show and has spoken in detail as to how his role is different from the previous ones and how the show highlights the importance of a mother.

Nitesh Pandey on his show Indiawaali Maa, “You’re never too old to need your mother”

1. Tell us about your upcoming show, Indiawaali Maa?

Indiawaali Maa is a show which depicts how a mother knows everything her child feels and she wants to be there with him through thick and thin. A very endearing story of Kaku’s journey to help her son Rohan reshape his dreams, will touch the viewers’ hearts and every single person with a mother/mother figure can relate to this show. Like rightly said in the promo, ever since you were a child, you turn towards your mother for all the things you found impossible at the time. Mothers are the superwomen with no cape, but they have a solution for everything. Even if Kaku can’t give Rohan a solution, she is determined do everything in her power to soothe him down and help him through a difficult storm. Though Rohan feels he can sail through every situation because he has grown up now, but the fact is “You’re never too old to need your mother”. Indiawaali Maa is an ode to motherhood.

2. Tell us about your character, Hasmukh?

A chilled-out father and a loving husband, Hasmukh has given his best to try to provide the best for his family. He’s a very practical person who keeps convincing his wife that his son might have forgotten his parents, but Kaku keeps calling him in disbelief that her son is distant. He is prudent and witty, yet romantic. Going for yoga with Kaku and giving all that she desires is what drives him. He couldn’t be a role model for his son, but did his best to provide for his education in US

3. How is this role different from anything that you have done before?

I have played various roles and I have also played father before, but none of them are as liberal and practical as Hasmukh. Hasmukh is very close to my heart because just from the promo you can see how he has given his son the freedom to make his own decisions and learn from his own mistakes in life. Fathers are usually supposed to be the strict ones and the disciplinarians in the family, but Hasmukh is a very contemporary and a forward-looking father.

4. Do you relate to Hasmukh in real life?

Hasmukh is a witty, strong headed yet a lovable character. He loves his wife Kaku dearly and he has done everything in his power to provide everything for his son Rohan. But the quality that we share is his practicality towards life. Realist by nature, he sees life as it is and tries to make the best of every situation.

5. How is your rapport with your co-stars?

Rapport with co-stars is fantastic, we had a great time and always appreciate each other work. Suchita is a very cooperative co-actor and we have a ball while shooting. We do have a funny relationship off camera too where we burst out into fits of random laughter after completing some scenes because I tend to crack a joke before the scene commences. It’s great to have a good rapport with your co-stars.

The show, Indiawali Maa airs on August 31.

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