Ishq Subhan Allah star Adnan Khan reveals how he reconnected with his old self during the lockdown

With the lockdown gradually lifting and people across the country stepping out into the new normal, Zee TV resumed the shoot of its popular shows and reconnected its audiences through the journeys of their beloved characters and diverse storytelling. While we saw several twists and turns in each and every show, the popular Ishq Subhan Allah saw the return of the original Zara Siddiqui, which was essayed by Eisha Singh till last year. However, that’s not it! For all the Kabeer (Adnan Khan) and Zara fans, the show also saw the reunion of the original lead pair in grand fashion along with a series of twists and turns to their love story as well.

Ishq Subhan Allah star Adnan Khan reveals how he reconnected with his old self during the lockdown

While the Lockdown had made everyone's life gloomy, the fresh twists in Ishq Subhan Allah came as a welcome surprise for the audience. However, actor Adnan Khan revealed to us how Lockdown was a blessing in disguise for him too. The actress undertook a soul searching journey and has rediscovered himself. In fact, he now has a new set routine as well.

As Adnan Khan who plays the role of Kabeer in Ishq Subhan Allah revealed, “It is true that due to the social distancing protocols, this pandemic has made us adapt to a new normal. People are spending a lot of time with themselves, be it at work or at the shoot. During this period of lockdown, I too ventured into some soul searching and finally managed to re-connect with the old me, that I had somehow lost beneath all the layers of work, commitments, and other responsibilities. Thus, when the lockdown happened, I got re-introduced to myself. The old me was indeed happier and a lot more content in life, quite contrary to how I feel these days where every day is a battle and one has to fight to stick around a little longer. Going back to work and having to take all the responsibility feels like a bit of a burden sometimes. So, during the lockdown, by going back to being the old me gave a sense of comfort and now that things are getting normal in a steady fashion, I hope I do not lose the old me and the happiness he brought back with him.”

Furthermore, the actor shared his process of unwinding, as he added, “I have inculcated the habit of praying. I do pray on set too. I find the whole process very calming. It brings quite a peaceful effect on my soul. I have also engaged myself in reading a lot more. That’s how I unwind. I do a lot of functional training as well because I feel physical and mental wellbeing is essential to wear off the lockdown blues. On the set, though there is very little equipment, I still mix things up and workout during the break. The exercises I do every day, mostly depends on my mood and as per that I decide if I want to do push ups, some leg workout or core workout or cardio. Functional training has been my go to during the lockdown and I feel it has helped me immensely.”

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