Sanjay Dutt performs action scenes himself in Zilla Ghaziabad

Sanjay Dutt

It's a newly-revamped power-packed Sanjay Dutt ready to strike back on screen. He is not only preparing to lose kilos to shoot his big action scene with Ramcharan in Zanjeer, Sanjay Dutt has also decided to take charge of his image of the Original Action Hero.

And body-doubles or special effects won't do.

For his next release Zilla Ghaziabad, Dutt has shot some authentic bare-fisted action sequences.

Says our source from the film, "There are scenes where Dutt's cop's characters gets so livid, he picks up his enemy bodily, somersaults them with his hands and throws them to the ground. When we were to shoot these scenes, we were against Dutt Saab picking the guys up and hurling them to the ground. But he insisted on doing them without a body-double. 'Aajkal public sab samajhti hai. You can't fool them with a body-double,' Dutt Saab told us, and proceeded to shoot the scenes himself without any props. He wanted his character to come across as a full-action Jackson, the kind Dutt saab played in his early films like Rocky."

Sanjay Dutt

Producer Vinod Bachchan confirms that Sanjay Dutt's action sequences were shot without props. "We got one of the best action directors Kanal Kannan from the South to direct the action scenes for Dutt Saab. He worked with Kanal Kannan on the scenes. For the first time Dutt Saab has shot action scenes with cables. He wanted to make sure that they look real."

Adds Bachchan, "Kya hota hai, kabhi kabhi the fights look so real people think they're done by body doubles. We left no scope for any doubts in the audiences' minds. They will know its Dutt Saab doing those scenes. I can't tell you all the methods we adopted to ensure 100 percent authenticity. But Dutt Saab went all-out to make sure his fights look genuine. He will make other action heroes look artificial in comparison."

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