Yeda Patil to take forward RR Patil’s anti-dance bars mission!

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Yeda Patil to take forward RR Patil’s anti-dance bars mission!As if to compliment Maharashtra Home Minister R.R.Patil’s drive to ban dance bars in Mumbai and other parts of the state, an eccentric police inspector Yeda Patil is all set to wreck havoc on the business, claiming that it promotes drugs and prostitution.

Before you jump about who Yeda Patil is, let us tell you that he is none other than the whimsical cop played by Sachiin Joshi in his forthcoming feature film Mumbai Mirror.

R.R.Patil, who has long-crusaded against dance bars, was recently quoted saying, “The decision (to ban dance bars) was taken to prevent the younger generation from getting spoiled by the dance bar culture.”

“The entire system was getting corrupt because of it and the business had become synonymous with crime,” the Home Minister had added.

Sachiin Joshi echoes the fiery minister’s righteous sentiment. “In Mumbai Mirror, we have explored the real reason behind why dance bars in Mumbai were shut. What a lot of people don’t know is that there was a lot of drug dealing and prostitution which was rampant in these bars.”

“If you are looking for similarities, then you can say that like the minister, Yeda Patil has his own way of doing things,” informs Sachiin. “But while R.R.Patil did everything in accordance with the law, Yeda takes matters in his own hands.”

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