What Satyagraha taught us

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…What Satyagraha taught usSatyagraha, Prakash Jha's latest political thriller, has been attracting the masses with its unique blend of action and morality. Along with making a whopping Rs. 24.29 crores in its first two days, Satyagraha managed to convey some vital pieces of advice to its audience…

1) The roof is not a good place for secret drinking and making out. You will be caught.
2) Apparently nightclubs are appropriate meeting places for corrupt businessmen.
3) Blue and khaki go well together.
4) You only need 15 people who are strategically positioned to construct an entire protest using social media.
5) If you're an oppressive political leader taunting a crowd of angry citizens, make sure your sidekick has the brains to not yell out "Balram Singh, murdabad!"
6) Dancing and the band baaja are always appropriate, even during a political protest.
7) When in charge of an anti-government rally, make sure you have mics placed at all convenient locations because spontaneous speeches will definitely occur.
8) The means are just as important as the outcome.
9) If you're a political spy within a protest group and you incite a riot, don't stick around to watch or Ajay Devgn will make sure you pay for it.
10) When someone leaves you with over 10 missed calls you should probably call them back immediately. And no, pretending you didn't get them is not a convincing excuse.
11) "A car not working must be replaced."
12) Getting someone arrested on their birthday will definitely elicit negative responses from their family members.
13) If you're a corrupt businessman it's probably not a good idea to lead an anti-corruption protest. Trust us, it will come back to bite you.
14) There is no "best" way to attain order and peace, and justice is subjective.
15) And last, but not least, "janta rocks."

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