Naseer pooh poohs stories of boycotting John Day

In a move intended to damage a forthcoming movie's prospects, it has been reported in a section of the press that John Day is ripped off from a Spanish film called Box 507.

A charge stoutly denied by director Ahishor Solomon.

The report also states that the film's two principal actors Naseeruddin Shah and Randeep Hooda have decided to boycott the film on discovering its unoriginal content.

However, sources close to the film say neither of the two actors has any intention of staying away from the promotions.

Says one of the film's core team members angrily, "You don't disown your child just because someone tells you he has been naughty in class. It's so stupid to expect actors of Naseer Saab and Randeep's maturity to fall prey to rumour-mongering."

Naseer in fact tells me he wasn't aware of the Spanish film that John Day is supposed to have copied. "I was unaware of any similarity and I haven't seen that Spanish film. I must find out about that film first. But how many original movies are made here in the first place?"

Naseer says he has never been part of a plagiarized product. "Not knowingly for sure. Unknowingly I may had."

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