Reema Khan’s Ultimate Confidence Exposed in PLBW 2013

Reema Khan on the ramp in PLBW 2013

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Reema Khan on the ramp in PLBW 2013Recently, Reema khan has participated in a PLBW 2013 in Lahore show where various designers have come up with their exclusive range of branded clothes. The fashion show encompassing many designers, fashionists, media and editors participate on this auspicious occasion to express their gratitude to the fashion industry.

The fashion show was also broadcast on fashion design TV shows to exhibit a designer’s efforts and obsession with the fashion. That was great hit where the fashion designers, brands and houses displayed their latest bridal fall collection in runway shows.

The top models and actors also lit the ramp with their magnifying presence. It is reported that Reema khan also dazzled the runway with her electrifying personality by wearing an HSY bridal outfit.  Unexpectedly the heels torn while walking on the ramp, instead of being bewilder, Reema did an exceptionally great job. She diligently picked the shoe in her hand and started waving it in the air. This shows how confident and aversive she is in dealing with such an embarrassing situation. Moreover, Reema it can be assumed as if she is not only marketing the brand outfits but the shoe also. Her proactive approach and the audience to appreciate and applauded her courageous move.

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