What Jackpot taught us

What Jackpot taught us

Jackpot released this week and there are some understated gems in the film that Bollywood Hungama would like to share with you!

1. Sunny Leone is 'actually serious' about a career other than being a porn artist

2. Owner of the biggest casino in Goa actually can't even catch the difference between a real and a duplicate Chief Minister

3. A con-artist would put Rs. 5 crores in a scootie and leave it lying around on the shore half a mile away while enjoying his afternoon siesta in a houseboat

4. In a river which is supposedly infested by crocodiles, there won't be even a single one in the sight

5. The villain would shoot a hole in the houseboat and drown himself on being conned. The wise man anyways didn't have a plan to return to the shore (considering crocodiles in there) had he actually found money

6. This owner won't even hear a con-plan till he has a good clean look at a bombshell's legs……well, right from the bottom

7. On being constantly ogled at by random men, the bombshell would cry foul and ask them to focus on the plan instead. It is a different matter that she would continue to flaunt her ample cleavage at every moment possible

8. As per the hero's mother, if being unemployed is a crime, then half of Goa should be in jail

9. When confused, a cop would draw the characters and locations on a blackboard and sigh – 'Yeh plot bahaut complicated hai'

10. Above all, this film's director tries to prove that lack of real story can be complimented by complicated storytelling

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