The brutal rape of Nirbhaya jolted India – Siddhartha Jain

After Nirbhaya's tragic incident last year, filmmaker Sanjay Chhel announced his film, Kill the Rapist featuring Anjali Patil, as a tribute to the victim. Today marks the completion of a year of the brutal event. And the makers will launch a campaign to seek people's opinion whether they want death sentence as punishment for the rapists or not.

Depending on the support they garner, they'll file a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and take the campaign forward to fight for justice against such incidents. The campaign will be launched through print, television, radio and Internet.

"The brutal rape of Nirbhaya jolted India and was a wake-up call for my conscience. It disturbed me, angered me and as a vent-out mechanism, I started a group on FB called Kill The Rapist. This led to more discussions with friends and then Sanjay Chhel narrated a story, which I thought gave me an opportunity, to get out of my comfort zone and do something which had social relevance and not just make a film for entertainment. The name of a group on FB, became the title of our film," says producer Siddhartha M Jain.

Talking about the PIL, the producer adds, "Post the audience verdict in terms of voting, we want to file a PIL seeking a change of law. Capital punishment is important to deter rapists, even if the victim survives. Giving 14 years in jail for a rapist is not a strong punishment for brutal rape incidents. Stricter law and enforcement of law is the need of the hour. Juvenile punishment for rape crimes needs to be re- looked at again by the people in power."

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