Anil Kapoors Biryani Body-Shock On His Birthday

Anil Kapoor who has forgotten the taste of biryani, thanks to his rigid strict perpetual diet, tasted the forbidden food in Jaipur on his birthday on Tuesday. After gorging on the rich food he immediately collapsed into a deep sleep.

Still dazed by the experience Anil says, "I don't know what happened! I ate biryani after years. Perhaps my body couldn't take the rich food. I just crashed out in my jeans, tee shirt, leather jacket and shoes. It was crazy!"

For the last two days Anil has been on a binging spree. "It's my birthday, yaar! I've just let myself go. For the rest of the year I am self-disciplined. For two days I've been only stuffing myself, sleeping, laughing and chilling with my family in Jaipur."

Voice alight with excitement Anil says, "This is the best birthday of my life. All my three bachchas are here. My two daughters Sonam and Rhea are working here. And my son Harshvardhan has also flown in for my birthday. So I am just…happy and I am eating like a pig."

Anil's wife Sunita does not approve of the binging. Chuckles Anil, "Sunita disapproves of my birthday binging. But I've thrown all caution to the winds. My family and I are at the City Palace where Sonam and Rhea are shooting a scene for Khubsoora. I've been receiving calls and messages from friends, well-wishers, fans and strangers all day long. I've never been happier."

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