Neil Nitin Mukesh gets Twitter Triple Treat on his birthday

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…Neil Nitin Mukesh gets Twitter Triple Treat on his birthday 10 days back it was Alok Nath and now it is the turn of Neil Nitin Mukesh. On the eve of his birthday, Neil was surprised enough to find himself trending on Twitter for no rhyme or reason, considering he doesn't have an immediate release of a movie of his lined up.

However to his amusement, he realized that quite a few jokes were being cracked, especially centered on his name that could well pass for three different individuals. As the evening drew closer, he found himself trending at the Number One spot, so much so that even Salman Khan was left way behind, despite his meeting with Narendra Modi finding some attention.

Since hardly any jokes were offensive, Neil too joined the fun and said – 'Seriously laughing that I am trending. Some rather interesting ones are out there.'

He then even went on to retweet a few of his favorites. However to be honest, we found the ones that he left out even more amusing. Here is presenting a few that made the cut.

'1 ball 18 run.. still Indian won. Ofcourse due to ashirwad of #Aloknath and Neil Nitin Mukesh hit a six off the last ball'

'If Neil Nitin Mukesh has a double role, the movie will be called Inception'

'When Neil Nitin Mukesh's teacher said, "Hey Neil!! Stand up on the bench", the other two gave high 5 to each other.'

'Whenever Neil Nitin Mukesh wants to talk, they create a whatsapp group.'

'Passing marks for Neil Nitin Mukesh is 99%'

'Once Neil Nitin Mukesh participated in 100 meter race in school, He came first, second and third.'

'If Neil Nitin Mukesh ever does a court marriage, he will not need any witnesses.'

'Neil Nitin Mukesh plays Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi with just one partner'

'The awkward moment when Kalia returns after meeting Neil Nitin Mukesh, and Gabbar asks him "Kitne Aadmi thein"'

'Neil Nitin Mukesh can join Army, Airforce and Navy at the same time.'

'Each film of Neil Nitin Mukesh is considered a trilogy automatically.'

'Neil Nitin Mukesh's Aadhar Card has 30 fingerprints and 6 retinal scans.'

'Whenever neil nitin mukesh replies comes out as echo…"Hello…Hello…Hello…"'

And here are the ones that made it to Neil's Favourite list:

'What Neil can do but SRK or Salman can't. Group discussion with himself :)'

'Neil nitin mukesh ek teer se teen nishaal maarta hai'

'When Neil Nitin Mukesh was a kid his nanny had to tell him 3 bed- time stories to make him sleep'

'Neil Nitin Mukesh is always on conference call.'

'Neil Nitin Mukesh is the only person involved in Love Triangle '

'When Neil Nitin Mukesh takes a selfie, it's a family photo.'

'Ekta Kapoor started that "Nahi… Nahi…. Nahi…. " in her daily soaps after she met Neil Nitin Mukhesh. '

Here is wishing the man of the moment, a very Happy Birthday!

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