Rajniesh Duggal shocked by murder accusation

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt's protege actor Rajniesh Duggal, who is currently in Cape Town, participating in Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi, is stunned to know that he is named as a murder accused in an FIR filed by regional actor Satyendra Singh.

Singh, in an elaborate FIR, which he has filed in Uttar Pradesh has named choreographer Ganesh Acharya, Salman Khan's Jai Ho co-star Daisy Shah and actor Rajniesh Duggal as the co-accused in an attempt to murder him during the shooting of a film entitled Soda.

Reacting to the shocking allegation, Rajniesh says he has never heard of Satyendra Singh nor has acted in any film called Soda.

Discernibly disturbed by the report, Rajniesh says, "Who is this guy? And which film is he talking about? I've never worked in any film called Soda. Then how can I be accused of anything and be named in an FIR? This is very strange. The only film I've recent completed is titled Spark and I am the only lead in it."

Rajniesh has asked his lawyer to look into the matter. But he wonders what the solution is to nuisance litigation.

"Anyone can accuse a known name of anything and harass the hell out of a person. Who is this Satyendra Singh? I don't even know this guy! There should be strong legal remedies to humbug litigation. I'd never be involved in any such project."

On a more pleasant note, Rajniesh says he's having a blast shooting for Fear Factor in Cape Town. "It's a never-before experience. I am doing the things that I'd never dream of doing or experiencing outside camera range. It's fun and full-on action."

There are no couples on Fear Factor this season. The line-up constitutes 7 boys and 7 girls pitched against one another.

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