Deepika Padukone’s elaborate stunts in Rajinikanth starrer

Very early in her career when she did two back-to-back double roles in Om Shanti Om and Chandni Chowk To China, Deepika Padukone got to do some martial arts in the latter.

But nothing like what she has done in the new Rajinikanth release Kochadaiyaan.

Since then Deepika has been pining to show her athletic skills on screen.

Says the actress, "I come from a family where sports is a given. We are very outdoor types. Doing my own stunts on screen is a dream situation for me."

Deepika's one 10-minute stunt in Kochadaiyaan has been choreographed by Peter Hein.

Hein has done the stunts for Rajinikanth's Robot. Apparently Rajinikanth personally requested Hein to make Deepika's action sequences "super-hero styled."

Deepika's stunning stunts in Kochadaiyaan are described by the film's co-producer K Murli Manohar as "never before action by a female star from any part of the world…on a par with Uma Thurman's Kill Bill and Angelina Jolie's Lara Croft."

Apparently Deepika's athletic background (her father and sister are sportspersons) came into full play.

Says Dr Murli, "She did extensive rehearsals for that one sequence. I don't think any other actress from anywhere in the world has done what she has. No concessions were made for her gender. She had done the stunts like any leading man."

When asked to describe this never-before action sequence the film's director Soundarya Rajinikanth says, "It's a fight with lots of acrobatic action. Deepika had to go through continuous and swift movement through various locations at a lightning speed. It's like a car chase on the feet."

Soundarya says the elaborate sequence required several props. "Bamboos and spheres were used. Action director Peter Hein has choreographed this sequence like he would have choreographed for any male hero. I feel it will be one of the highlights of Kochadaiyaan."

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