King Of Sleaze Kanti Shah announces Sheena Murder Case

Whenever someone utters the name 'Kanti Shah', what immediately pops up in our minds are the names (and also posters) of sleazy films like Fauji Fauj Mein Padosi Mauj Mein, Pyaasa Haiwan, Phoolan Hasina Ramkali, Khooni Shaitan, Pyaasi Bhootni and likes. The USP of this self-confessed 'King of sleaze' film maker is that he always makes films which are 'topical'.

And it is no rocket science to say that the 'topic' that is trending these days all over is that of the sensational Sheena Bora murder case, wherein the main 'villain' is supposedly Indrani Mukherjee. No wonder then, Kanti Shah put on his thinking caps and got into making the film and named it as Sheena Murder Case.

Speaking exclusively to Bollywood Hungama, Kanti Shah said, "My film is indeed based on the sensational murder case of Sheena Bora. My film will see two heroines and two heroes, wherein one will play Indrani (played by Sapna) and the second heroine will play Sheena (played by Sheena) and their respective heroes are being played by Vicky and Himanshu." When we 'probed' about the story line, Kanti Shah 'revealed' the plot saying, "The main protagonist Indrani is basically a money minded character and has 5 marriages plus two boyfriends. What happens after that in their respective lives is what forms the rest of the story."

When it's a 'Kanti Shah' film, can sleaze be far behind. When asked, he said, "There are in all 6 bold scenes, which also includes frontal nudity. But, the whole sleaze angle is not 'thrust' in the film, but is in tune with the requirement of the story plot, which is essential in the film. When you see the film, you will find out for yourself that all these scenes are totally justified." When asked about the film's music, Kanti Shah said, "There are 5 songs in all, which also includes a club track. Take my word for it, all the tracks will surely make the listener groove."

When asked about how does he manage to convince his heroines to shed their clothes at the drop of a hat, pat came the reply, "Even before I sign the the film with the heroines, I immediately tell them the 'requirements' of the bold scenes. Agar who nahi karegi, toh koi aur kar legi (If she doesn't do it, there are so many out there who are ready to do the bold scenes)."

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