Raveena Tandon and Farah Khan Ali indulge in Twitter banter over terrorism and issues of the country

Actress Raveena Tandon and designer Farah Khan Ali are active social media celebrities who like to voice out their opinion on public forum. However, recently, their 'contrasting' statements or probably 'contrasting' perceptions led to a series of argumentative tweets against each other.

It seems that the argument stretched over the two amidst a series of over twenty tweets and even other twitteratis decided to join them by speaking for or against them. In fact, Farah Khan Ali went to the extent of clarifying her tweets as well as her stand against terrorism to Raveena and other twitteratis. The entire conversation started off with an article about US Senators getting into a discussion with Narendra Modi over the ongoing religious issue posted by Farah Khan Ali on her Twitter handle saying, "Dear US Senators, Thank you for your concern. Pl write to @realDonaldTrump as well and voice the same concerns". To that, Raveena Tandon responded, "@FarahKhanAli they won't .. As some of them supporting Trump.This situation arising globally because of the dangerous world we now live in. @FarahKhanAli people getting frustrated over repeated terrorist attacks are now wanting stronger people in power.sad that rhetorics winning" At this point, Farah Khan mentioned that terrorists are being made by the system in her tweet saying, "Terrorists r not born terrorists.The system makes them that & lets nt label an entire community for d actions of som. We don't need Strength 2 overcome our polarisation issues.We need love and a Govt that makes ALL its ppl feel like 1" This tweet further lead to a series of misunderstandings with Farah making a point that terrorists have no religion and Raveena listing down the cruel act of terrorists and how bringing community in between is never the right path to follow.

While the two exchanged tweets for day, there were several audiences on social media who also decided to add their opinion on terrorism during this Twitter war. But soon enough, Farah and Raveena took a matured route and decided to sort the issues over a phone call. Talking about it, in her final tweet about the argument, Farah said, "Yes @TandonRaveena and I just spoke and clarified." She also further added in one of her tweets that may be a telephonic conversation with Raveena would have been a better move to deal with this misunderstanding, "@TandonRaveena I can go on & on with u here but a wiser move would be to sign off from answering ur tweets. Maybe u should have called me."

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