I needed to slim down – Parineeti Chopra

I needed to slim down - Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti Chopra tells Subhash K Jha why she needed time off to look after herself.

There is a lot of talk on how you've slimmed down. Considering how stars are looked up to, what is the message for young people who are overweight?
There is no uniform definition for how a guy or a girl should look. I lost weight to be fitter, not to look better. If, in your heart, you feel you need to lose weight then do it. There are certain body types where weight-loss is not required. I've seen the fattest people who are the fittest. They can move with amazing agility.

What motivated you to lose weight?
I knew I needed to slim down. I was not healthy. I was not fit. I lacked stamina. I was sleepy all the time. I'd tire easily. I was constantly looking for nap-time on the sets. Now, I can shoot non-stop and I don't get tired. My physique now supports my work demands. I feel better about myself. I can work better.

So, what is your message to girls who are desperate to get thinner?
Why only girls? I feel both girls and boys need to work towards their fittest self. Everyone thinks I lost weight to conform to the type that heroines are supposed to look. But let me assure you, if my body-type didn't allow weight-loss I wouldn't have. I knew I could look fitter, feel better, and wear better clothes.

Was it difficult to make that break for a year?
Not at all. It wasn't as if I was sitting idle. I had a lot to attend to. I was doing up my new home. It took me eight months to get my home in order. Then I was working on myself. I was travelling all over the world, doing everything that I couldn't attend to earlier. Now, I am raring to go back to a film set. I am so happy that I've finally got a script that I am excited about. I needed an emotional and physical break and I am glad I took it.

So no more of your favourite pizzas?
(laughs) I do eat pizzas. I eat everything. But, in moderation. If I am eating something rich, I balance it out in my diet.

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