Government Looses Necessary Votes to Relax Sunday Trading Laws

The UK Government is facing bitter competition over its plans to relax the Sunday trading laws in England and Wales, especially after the SNP announced to side with Tory rebels in order to block the measure. Since the nationalists had earlier alleged to abstain from the vote, its change of heart has infuriated many ministers as one Government source also called their action as “disappointing and hypocritical”.

Whereas on the other hand, the Labour party has urged the Government to accept defeat and drop the changes. More than 30 Tory MPs are reportedly planning to defy the whips and vote against the plan while another 20 are anticipated to abstain from it. Now after the SNP’s deputy leader and economy spokesman, Stewart Hosie,announced the party’s decision, numbers are looking quite odd for the Government.

According to Hoise, his party held an elaborate meeting at Westminster of the party’s 54 MPs at on Tuesday evening before making a decision. Mr Hosie explained that his party thinks the additional protections did not go far enough. He elucidated that “we have had Sunday trading in Scotland for some time and the SNP has never been opposed to it, however our concerns here are rooted in the knock-on impact to Scottish workers who would be at risk of pay cuts – many of whom are already suffering from George Osborne’s cuts to tax credits and other in-work support,” adding that “SNP MPs have considered all sides in this debate and our decision has been made so workers in Scotland are protected.”

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