What works is combination of content and budget – Shawn Arranha on Teraa Surroor

What works is combination of content and budget - Shawn Arranha on Teraa Surroor

Teraa Surroor has released and one thing that has certainly stood out is the technical finesse that the film carries. Director Shawn Arranhaa has pretty much ensured that even with a limited budget of 6.5 crore, the film carries a very stylish up-market look. In the times when even a single set costs this kind of amount, Shawn managed to shoot the entire film in Dublin and put it all together for his producers. Over to Shawn, who is sticking to the 'mantra' of making a grand film in limited budget and delivering a product that makes for a big screen experience.

Now that the film has released, how do you feel?
Very happy! As a director, I waited to pick up a film that I could make with a good brand. What better way to do that than do that for T-Series and HR Musik. Nowadays, what works is the combination of content and budget. If you get these two things, you are on. I liked the script and the right budget, and hence I was game for it. I have given the film my best!

The film was made rather quietly though and its announcement with a promo came across as a surprise.
We just wanted to concentrate on work rather than investing time in telling people that we were making a film. We wanted to be totally ready before heading for the shoot and hence did a lot of workshops as well. When we went for the shoot, it was very fast.

Guess Himesh got quite comfortable as an actor too by then.
From The Xpose to Teraa Surroor, he has gone to the next level. Physically too, he has gone lean and developed his muscles. He has actually worked a lot on himself. He is looking better and has got just the right dialogue delivery for the film. He is only getting better and better.

On the other hand you chose Farah Karimae as the leading lady.
We needed to bring a very fresh face instead of going for someone known. In a thriller, you lose out a lot when you have a known face. Farah has a very innocent face and we needed someone with a touch of international appeal. Farah is playing a girl who is half Indian and half foreigner. We did a lot of auditions and figured out that she looks really nice with Himesh.

Naseeruddin Shah, Kabir Bedi, Shekhar Kapur – This is one combination that one doesn't really find in too many mainstream films. How did you crack this?
You know what; Naseeruddin Shah and Shekhar Kapur are coming back after Masoom! Theirs, as well as Kabir Bedi's characters are very interesting. They are not out there playing uncles or chacha-mama; they are definite characters there with a purpose. Why just them, even Monica (Dogra) has been a big boon to the film. She brings in certain freshness to the film. I have given them all very interesting introductions.

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